I know, I know. I again hasn’t updated in months. But that was just because I was so occupied that I only had little time to update my blog.

At April 1, Landfall has finally put their long-awaited title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator(TABS) on Early Access, available for purchase on Steam. Back in 2016, they released an Open Alpha of the game for everyone to know what the game’s about and how is it gonna feel, which is no longer available on their homepage. Judging from their company’s about page, you gonna know this game is not your typical historic battle simulator.

It’s totally accurate, right?

So the game featured wacky physics, and it really makes the game feel interesting and hilarious. If you have played Totally Accurate Battlegrounds before, you should be already familiar with the silly characters that is in TABS. These weirdos may look silly, but man they are really stronk.

The game is in Early Access now, which means it is incomplete. But the game is really polished and ready for hours of fun. For now we have Sandbox and Campaign available to play with, while Unit Creator isn’t available yet. I am sure it will just add more chaos to the already fun and wicked game when unit creator becomes available.

Sandbox mode has little to mention, just a typical sandbox mode where it gives you the ability to test strategies, you may use unlimited amount of units for both sides, and can choose from the 13 maps the game currently has.

The Campaign mode consists of 3 stages, “The Introduction”, “The Adventure” and “The Challenge”. The Introduction is undoubtedly an introduction to the game, mainly its silly units. The Adventure features numerous fun stages to beat and finally The Challenge puts your strategic mind to the ultimate test.

Currently the game has 5 factions, Tribal, Farmers, Medieval, Ancients and Vikings. There are 3 more to come, but they are yet to be finished.

This is the interface of the game.

As you can see, to the left is our faction, represented by red colour. To the right is the enemy, indicated by blue colour. The enemy in Campaign mode has predefined line-ups, which you will need to beat in order to progress.

Bottom right is our money, credits, or points, however you call it. You can only put as many units as the points will allow. Hover on top of various units and a number will be shown. It is the cost and the indication of their power. As usual, the higher the better. As soon as you are done with employing your units, hit Start to see an historic battle reimagined in a low-poly world.

FOR SKYRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Common sense for games that have teammates, friendly fire will usually be a thing. And so does TABS. Remember not to put your melee units too close to your ranged units or else they die from dumb teammates

Well this was my first battle.

As far as I can tell this game is really promising and is one of the best strategy games I’ve played in these years. Don’t hesitate to get it if you want to see silly men battling for whatever reason and want some wicked physics!

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