This is me, Karsten. It’s been a while since I surfaced. The reason of which was I was back into 24/7/365 playing games again. Since I hasn’t had an idea of what I will do, I will stick at home for a little longer. So here is a quick review of what I’ve been through and doing.

First about Hong Kong, there is an ongoing protest which has become heated and I do not think it will end easily at all. The outcome will definitely not be good but I just feel powerless to act. This authoritarian government we have is not going to change, and the same goes with the bigger one. However, I do believe that we will need to keep at it. After all it’s all or nothing – although I suspect anything good will come out of it.

Annnnnnd my cat is doing just fine. I finally came to realize that cats during days and nights are totally two different characters. They are usually dormant during daytime, sleeping and resting, sometimes play with you if it really has the energy to do that. But when night falls(or when you turns off the lights), they go super wild. They run all over the place, jumps onto you and then quickly runs off, chase down a ball to beneath a table. My pal is no different. Whenever I tried to pet him at night, he either runs blazing fast or bite me with more-than-usual strength.

This little cutey yawned – ON MY BED.

Besides my cat, I also took a quick review of all my current domains. In total I registered 3 domains, one is this website, and the other two was purely for fun. Actually both of which was intended for explicit content I may introduce in a completely separate website. But I simply didn’t have the motivation and I hasn’t written anything on my would-be review site. So I decided to let them rot until they expire. For my main domain this website is using, I actually thought of switching it into a more economical one.

The renewal fee for a .me domain is really deterring me from using it. However I couldn’t come up with a better solution so for the moment I will stick with it, and what made me happier is that I have free SSL from my hosting provider. So maybe, I will not switch to another domain for a few years. But if I intend to switch my hosting provider, I may use a better and shorter domain.

My current usage of the hosting package. It is ridiculous that I upgraded to premium just for the sense of having unlimited everything.

I also downgraded my hosting package since I don’t think I will be needing extra disk spaces, bandwidth, or subdomains. Downgrading makes running this blog much more affordable. I renewed my subscription for 4 years for a price of ~$50. Although I don’t know if this company will last that long or if I had the passion to keep updating this blog for that much time, but hey at least I don’t have to keep being reminded as often.

Now let’s talk about the thing that I love – gaming. I’ve been playing lots of hentai games recently because I got salary and I could start buying tons of them. Apart from these games I’ve been playing Monster Hunter and Risk of Rain 2. Picking RoR2 up isn’t easy. It is kind of boring without multiple players, the game is more difficult without other players because you are the main focus of enemies. I’ve completed a few hard challenges and I think I am doing fine.

I’ve also deleted Blizzard’s game launcher and Overwatch from my computer ever since the recent Blitzchung controversy. By the way, just now I’ve been looking up reddit for the megathread and I saw this. I tried to delete my account as well, but Blizzard wouldn’t let me until I provide them with my ID card information. What company on earth would need that to prove that you are the account holder except Chinese companies? And yes I know that because I was stupid enough to hand over my identity card info to some of the Chinese companies like WeChat and Alipay. Not even Steam or Facebook requires your ID card info when you prompts to deleteing your account! This is intolerable. Blizzard has gone from being fan-favourite to totally bullshit.

Ever since the protest I’ve become more and more worried about overexposing my online presence, so I have gone through my KeePass database and found some services I may not be using anymore, and deleted my account – including the fucking Epic Games account. Fuck Epic Games. If you haven’t done it, you should do it. Or if you haven’t switched from using a single password to using a password vault, you should do it immediately.

Well I think I’ve written a lot today and I am out of ideas, see you later.

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