Isn’t it annoying when some services(often free) you frequently use suddenly goes down and you cannot access it anymore? Well it is to me.

Today when I check on my blog I find it that most new images I posted are unavailable, due to some problem with the free host I’ve used.

This certainly is frustrating.

The reason why I use free image host is that I want to save spaces available to my own web hosting. Well I could have chosen to pay for Jetpack but jetpack simply doesn’t work with my blog for whatever reason.

There is still a problem, why would I want to use another image host when there are bigger ones available, like Imgur? Well, Imgur sometimes doesn’t work well with my local internet; I also wanted to support these new websites to let developers know that their efforts are not in vain.

Still, this made me realize relying on free image hosts may not be the best option when it comes to blogging. I may decide uploading to my own web host someday, but for now, I will stick to other free image hosts.

Update: The images are available again, but I will consider using bigger image hosts.

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