A few days ago I’ve reminisced how I tried to build my online presence. I’ve mentioned in the article that my uncle was the one inspired me to delve into the world of computer science. He proposed to me the first video game(computer game) I’ve ever played – Little Fighter… Continue Reading Reminiscing my gaming history

A blog may be the best place to talk about what you care the most, and as a way to show how passionate you are on something. But it may be too much for someone wanting nothing more than a personal page that introduces yourself, and providing different ways to… Continue Reading Make your simple personal homepage

I maintain this blog because I liked blogging. Online presence is what I lacked in real life – having too few friends to begin with. I decide that I will write down and share my very own opinions in this little blog. But things didn’t start well, it was a… Continue Reading Blogging – my childhood dream and motivation

I know, I know. I again hasn’t updated in months. But that was just because I was so occupied that I only had little time to update my blog. At April 1, Landfall has finally put their long-awaited title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator(TABS) on Early Access, available for purchase on… Continue Reading A Totally Accurate Introduction to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator