This is no new question. People have always been discussing on this matter. There is no solution to this question however, for this is purely subjective to every individual.

However, we were taught(at the very least us hongkongers/Chinese) that personality is more important than beauty at a very young age. This value has been told by teachers and parents. Though in recent years it has been changing. Teens started to value beauty more than how a person actually is. This can be seen through posts they made on social media or forums, even if they want to make new friends(not girl/boyfriends), they want their friend’s appearance to be “okay”. They surely are not aware that what people look in pictures can be deceiving.

Yes, I totally understand that almost everyone loves beautiful things. But this is just way too much – why must someone be good looking to qualify to be your friend? This does not really make sense to me.

Perhaps that is because they are trying to find more than just “friends”, then this is somewhat justified. Acceptable, though still isn’t convincing.

To me, one’s personality weighs far heavier than their appearance. I don’t care about their outfit or face, but I am fully aware if they are ill-natured, and will not want to make this friend. Honestly, having a friend that can give you comfort in your hours of need is better than having a friend that knows nothing more than appealing people by wearing trending outfits, right?

Of course, as I have said it is up to your opinion, there is de fecto no objective answer to this question. So I can’t judge if you think beauty/appearance is greater than one’s personality.

Let me end this with a quote:

Appearances can often be deceiving. – Aesop

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