I love playing games, regardless of them being AAA games like The Elder Scroll or Dark Souls III, or games that bring lots of fun, such as Terraria. And I am no less than a fan of mobile games, since my indulgence in The Battle Cats.


The Bloons TD (BTD) series has been one of my favourite flash games series for some time. I first played BTD4, back when BTD was still a flash game, and can be played free of charge on Ninja Kiwi’s website. I had lots of fun in BTD4, then NK released BTD5. BTD5 was also an awesome game which included improved graphics, new upgrades for towers and even new towers. I’d say BTD5 was really a time killer for both kids and adults. Sure it starts to be boring when you have beaten many maps and played it for some time. Waves are identical across all maps, which was what eliminated the possible fun. But it was nonetheless a great game.


Last month NK finally released the long-awaited BTD6, the latest title in the BTD series. Unlike it’s predecessors, BTD6 is no longer a 2D game, it has become a 2.5D game while retaining the top-down gameplay style. It has added a new feature which you would often stumble upon in other TD games – “Heroes”. Hero is a tower that you can unlock by leveling up, then you can use it in the game. Only 1 hero can be chosen and only 1 hero can be deployed per game. Heroes differentiates from typical towers for their upgrades are unlocked already – but you have to increase your hero’s LV to get more powerful upgrades.


Towers also received vast changes. In the past, upgrades are splitted into 2 paths, which you may upgrade both paths to 2nd tier, then you must choose between the 2 paths, and the other one are locked. In BTD6, there are 3 paths for you to choose. You still get only 2 paths to upgrade, which I think it was made to balance difficulty and tower strengths. You may deploy towers with different upgrades, and discover your very own tactics.

The game is pretty good for now, but it still has some bugs. But if you’d ask me, I’d say that it is worth buying even it is buggy now – it’s a time killer that worths your pennies.

BTD6 on App Store

BTD6 on Google Play

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