My Blog’s got a New Home!

I have been dreaming having my own domain and website for years – and now this dream has come into being.

For the past few months I have been using a free blogging service + a free subdomain provided by, which my old blog was hosted on. I had an idea of registering a top domain of my own and getting a paid web hosting service – since I get to learn hosting myself.

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Getting a debit card is easier than ever

Do you use credit cards or debit cards when you are asked to pay with credit cards? They use the same card system, but their billing methods are not exactly the same.

In the past, when e-payment is still at its very young age, getting a credit card or a debit card usually requires a bank account. And you must have a decent job to prove that you are able to pay your debt. It was hard for students alike to get a credit card for online shopping. But this was the past. In recent years, e-payment has become even more popular, and e-debit card becomes an alternative to traditional debit cards.

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