Life is unpredictable, you will never know when the Death decides to lay his hand on you. Ever thought of writing letters? This might be the best gift to those most fond of you – expressing your love, and your last messages to them. Technically, a dead man’s switch is… Continue Reading Create your own Dead Man’s Switch – before it’s too late

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Every now and then you will see people asking questions like this: Hey, I’ve got an adware infection. How do I solve it? or Hey, how do I print Hello World in C? or Hey, what is Dihydrogen Monoxide? Questions like these can sometimes be annoying. Especially when people ask… Continue Reading I created a website – to “solve” problems

Try to recall the passwords of 5 websites you often visit, and ask yourself: Are they identical? Are they complicated? If your answer is: they are identical and simple, then kudos, you successfully put yourself in danger by offering extremely easy access to your accounts to others! You might think… Continue Reading Why you shuold use a password manager – and which?