Right now I am struggling whether to start a new blog to curate some games that may not appeal to the majority of the Internet. Something that you might have played, but never expected serious curators to review them. Adult games.

Look, I am not trying to look different or to stand out among others. But I do feel there are far too few websites / people that seriously review these games. If you search for “adult games review” on the Internet, you will instantly notice there are literally NOBODY dedicate themselves into reviewing adult games with details of how good or bad one game is. There do exist ONE Steam Curator especially for adult games, but their reviews are like this:

Excuse me, isn’t this more of classifying than a review?

These reviews are certainly not the ones that you would expect to see when you would like to know “Is the game worth it?”. Imagine seeing a review for Skyrim goes like this:

Game / Role Playing / Open World / Modding Support / 3D

How would you feel towards these “reviews”? Useful? Certainly not. Of course you can still browse through countless user-written reviews and then conclude yourself.

Sure, this may hinder my public image, bring about unnecessary hate comment or whatsoever. I feel there is a need for better reviews for adult games – to promote good games, and tell people to avoid the bad ones. After all, this is what curators do, right? The only thing that stops me from starting it, is that I have difficulty even updating my main blog. I am not quite sure how I can maintain two blogs / websites at the same time(especially when I also review games on this blog sometimes). I obviously won’t be reviewing adult games on my main blog, because I don’t intend to let my visitors see adult content unless they wish to. I may need more preparation before actually start writing reviews.

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