Life is unpredictable, you will never know when the Death decides to lay his hand on you. Ever thought of writing letters? This might be the best gift to those most fond of you – expressing your love, and your last messages to them.

Technically, a dead man’s switch is a device or mechanism that activates automatically after a certain long period of lack of human interaction so that the device may be stopped to prevent malfunctioning and potential threats. Nowadays, dead man’s switch has been used to describe a similar approach in computing’s perspective. You may have already heard of Google’s Inactive Account Manager, which is a dead man’s switch for google account owners. When you are away, not logging in to your account for an exceedingly long time, Google will automatically decide that your account is inactive, and either deletes the account for you, or defer it to your trusted ones – with your consent, of course. Or a Memorialized Account, which is basically the same thing, instead it is for Facebook this time.

You may or may not find a similar setting for the services you frequently use depending on how generous the developers / service providers are; However, in case you want to leave a message to someone you care the most after you are laid to rest, there are actually websites dedicated to this cause.

Dead Man’s Switch is a dead man’s switch, for you. The service is designed to let you tell those around you something in case you could not otherwise. The principle is simple, you write e-mails and select the recipients, the service sends you e-mails once in a while, and when you do not respond to them, your pre-written e-mails are sent to the designated recipients 2 months later.

To use the service, it is simple, first you need to register an account here.

After you confirmed your registration, login and you see this:

You may then click on write a new message and start writing your messages to whoever you would like to leave one to. You may choose the interval of which after a certain period the check-in e-mails will be sent, and at last your messages. As a free account user, you cannot set your own intervals.

The owner is also kind enough to include a suicide prevention hotline.

You may always check your written messages in the home screen:

Free account users can only write 2 messages and can only have 1 interval(another is a test interval which is useless except for testing). If you wish to send your “e-will” to more people, you will need to pay a lifetime fee of $20, then you may enjoy the perks as follows:

I’d certainly consider buying this service someday, but for now I’d settle with the free plan. After all I don’t really have many friends that I might have important messages to tell them after my death.

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