RPG – Role Playing Games(Not Rocket-Propelled Grenades), has existed for as long as games existed. In video game history, there are many games that defined a completely new genre of games – JRPG, ARPG, SRPG, etc. And today, I am talking about a game, that allows you to experience different RPG games through its story.

Evoland, which is combined from Evo and Land, tells you that this game is really about evolution of lands. Right at the start of the story, you are in a 8-bit game being called G, taught with basic controls. Then, you awaken in GBA-looking graphics, waked up by a girl called Fina. The fighting at start instantly reminds you of Legend of Zelda. The game itself makes a lot of parodies at different RPG, such as:

The cardboard box

When you are escaping the jail, you will come across a cardboard box and use it to hide from plain sight – familiar with this one?

And here:

A kid all dressed in green and screwed around with chickens, doesn’t really sound like Link at all, right?

This game pays tribute to all famous RPG in game history, and is a really fresh experience for me. It isn’t your typical RPG where you just level up and kill monsters. It features puzzle solving, platforming, action, shooting, everything you can come up with. It is a hidden gem that you shouldn’t miss.

Although I only played the start of this game at the time of writing, I cannot think of a reason not to recommend this game, it rocks, combined many games into 1 game!

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