World of Warplanes Asia server finally launched in April. Although the server is located in Japan, I still managed to play on it with no problem. This is how I felt about this game.

Battle in ready. Better than World of Tanks.

Combat wasn’t really appealing. I understand that tier 1 aircrafts are weak, but it took me ages to even kill an enemy! I fire machine gun very closely (approximately 20~50 m behind them) and it dealt so little damage. I wonder how would pilots die so easily if their machine guns were really this weak. Controls are okay, nothing difficult. Unlike in World of Tanks or in World of Warships, you don’t toggle sniper’s view. By default you press F to enter sniper’s view, and you quit it when releasing your finger. WG was also kind enough to give me 7500 free xp on login, so I could theoretically instantly research tier 4 aircrafts.

The graphics are good, of course not as good as World of Tanks’, but acceptable. What I need to disapprove of is the gold economy, it still uses the old gold economy from the old days, I have to pay gold to buy camo, they can’t be purchased with credits. This is one bad thing.

Have I tried to play more? No. I played only 1 battle and I instantly disliked how the gameplay feels.

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