Do you use credit cards or debit cards when you are asked to pay with credit cards? They use the same card system, but their billing methods are not exactly the same.

In the past, when e-payment is still at its very young age, getting a credit card or a debit card usually requires a bank account. And you must have a decent job to prove that you are able to pay your debt. It was hard for students alike to get a credit card for online shopping. But this was the past. In recent years, e-payment has become even more popular, and e-debit card becomes an alternative to traditional debit cards.


In Hong Kong, there is a new card called “Tap & Go”. Where the card is issued by Mastercard. Its works like credit card mixed with conventional smart cards. While it has everything credit card has(Card number, valid date, card holder name, CVV), it works like a smart card, which means you have to top it up with cash before it can be used.

This surely helped those who do not want to “prepay” and being charged extra fees when purchasing products online, and students who want to buy goods otherwise cannot be bought without paying with credit cards would finally get to buy it. For me, I am more than happy to have a virtual debit card, since I am not fond of credit cards.

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