Taking screenshots

Screenshot is important when you need help, but people still don’t know how to take a proper screenshot. Novices still take pictures of their screen with mobile phones. It wouldn’t be a problem if they managed to picture the screen nicely. However, more often than not, the images prove to be poorly taken and can hardly show the details. You will need to do it properly to show people what is on your screen.

We already have a very convenient way to take screenshots with the Print Screen (or Pr(n)t Scr) key. Most modern keyboards include this key. If you do not know how to take screenshot with a Print Screen key, please visit this website.

If you want a graphical interface and be able to edit the screenshot, you need to check out the new Snip & Sketch app in Windows 10 update 1809. It is a continuation of Snipping Tools that has been available since Windows 7. Snipping Tools helped me create many screenshots until I switched to better and more powerful program. To open Snip & Sketch, you just search the name in Cortana.

The app will then open. To create a new snip (screenshot), just press New.

After creating a new snip, you may then edit it in the editor. Once you are satisfied with the resulting picture, you can either Save, Copy, or Share the snip by clicking on the respective buttons to the top right corner:

What’s better? Microsoft even included an option to make Snip & Sketch the default screenshot program when you press Print Screen! To replace the Print Screen action with Snip & Sketch, just go to settings of the app:

This will open Windows 10’s Settings app. Scroll down and you will see:

Switch this option to On and you are good to go

If you are worried about the image quality. Well, all images above are captured with the app. Of course there are better programs that do more and better than Snip & Sketch. I will include a list of a few free screenshot programs that you may try below.

Uploading screenshots

Free and paid image hosts exist, to share you images, you may upload them to free image hosts. I will demonstrate how to upload your screenshot to Imgur. Again, there are so many image hosts, I will append a small list of image hosts which I used in the end of this section.

Open Imgur, click “New Post“:

Drag and Drop or just click “Browse” to select your image.

I actually drawn that LOL face.

You may then copy and share the resulting page’s link to everyone. There are more great image hosts, listed below:

This is what you need to know when taking a screenshot and sharing them. Please, next time when you need to capture something on the computer screen, do it the proper way.

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