In the past I have written about the concept of exchanging knowledge. Pen pal has been a major way for people meeting new friends from all around the globe for many decades. Today smartphones are common, and pen pals are evolving. They are shifting from pens and paper to texting.

Today I would like to introduce a mobile application that incorporates the pen pal concept into texting. The name is Slowly. The concept is quite simple: setup your profile, nickname and hobbies, find some new friends, write your first letter, and done! Everything is done inside the app, you do not need to actually write a letter and pay for the postal fees. What’s special is that your letter takes time to be delivered. The time is calculated based on the distance between you and the pal, so if you are writing to the opposite side of the world, you got to wait 1 to 2 days before you can read the actual message.

To start using it is simple, you will first need to create an account:

Choose Get Started to create your account.
Select your appearance, gender, birthday, and nickname.
Select your interests
Choose languages you are interested / speak
Let the app detect your location, or manually set it.
Finally, connect your account.

Getting your first pen pal is simple, search pen pals with specific interest, age group, or gender that you are interested in. Then you may compose your first message. Send it, and you cannot take it back. Wait for it to be delivered, and wait for the reply as well.

The app currently has no ads and solely relies on donation and the in-app stamp store. You can buy special stamps and use them on letters you send

I appreciate the idea of the app, and am making new friends from around the world! I recommend it to you if you would like to make new friends.

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