Every now and then you will see people asking questions like this:

Hey, I’ve got an adware infection. How do I solve it?


Hey, how do I print Hello World in C?


Hey, what is Dihydrogen Monoxide?

Questions like these can sometimes be annoying. Especially when people ask questions of similar quality again and again without doing researches or trying to solve the problems themselves. You might think that Googleor DuckDuckGo would be their best bet. But this is not the reality. In fact, they skip “searching” and jump into “asking”. Honestly because searching is tiring, asking questions could have people doing the job for them and providing them solutions without much effort paid.

In order to teach people how to properly solve a problem (generic ones or IT ones), I’ve created a website dedicated to the cause.

It’s pretty neat, ain’t it?


First and foremost, I put searching at top. To emphasize the importance of searching, I even included an excerpt of definition of search from the famous dictionary Merriam-Webster. Suggesting that searching is often the best solution to simple problems.

Below that I included generic IT related problems/questions and their solutions. I didn’t include other websites because most of them can be accessed through searching. I also included Slant as a “Help me decide” option in the bottom.

So far I only had to use the website once. But I can almost assure that I will need to direct people to this website in the near future. I might be kind of too mean on people, but this is a must – to teach them searching, searching and searching.

Learn Instead of Asking

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