So I’ve been busy again, and I will quickly write down what happened recently. Don’t expect this to be detailed, though.

July is coming soon and I gonna get paid, I plan to buy several new things with the money:

  1. A new headset for playing games
  2. Lots of new games to play
  3. Some other stuffs I forgot what they actually are

I tried to write my first adult game review but my laziness overcame the eagerness. I will be doing it as soon as I feel like to. The first game – hopefully, will be Mirror.

I will also try recording game footage and upload them to my YouTube channel. Currently I plan on only doing Monster Hunter World videos. Mostly challenging Arch-Tempered Monsters. I will also look into Let’s Play’s with friends. Of course I will need to get my friends to play with me in the first place.

I’ve also become a patreon to a few great content creators. They create great and interesting content(mostly erotic). I will continue supporting them as much as I can.

I befriended some of my colleagues(at least I think I did). But my shyness won’t take me far I guess. I will try my best and make them my actual friends. There is an attractive girl in my workplace, but there is no hope in progressing more than friends.

This is everything for now, I will keep updating once I am free again.

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