Today TABS has been updated to 0.1.5, and with this update comes 3 unlockable secret units. To unlock them is simple. Explore the map in freecam mode(press F key), and find the respective unit’s weapon. When you spot them, their weapons will start to glow in orange colour, then explode after a few seconds. A message will then pop up and tells you which unit you have unlocked. The unit will then be available in the Secret faction.

The first unit is Executioner that wields an oversized axe, with a mask that covers his face and has literally no eyes. It has nothing special, meant to be a middle tier medieval melee unit(medieval had only low tier and high tier beforehand)

Another medieval middle tier melee unit to be added is the Mace Spinner, named after their attack method: spinning their maces. They cost more than an Executioner, but is more efficient in my opinion:


The last unit is an Ancient unit named Artemis. Artemis’ symbol was bow, arrows and hunt. And she does too in the game. In fact, the addition of Artemis has rendered Zeus completely useless: Artemis has an insanely high rate of fire, and fires many arrows at once. The daughter outperforms her dad, alright.

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