Recently, when I wanted to pay with Paypal, they sent me this message:

We noticed an abnormal amount of transactions in your account recently. We have limited access to your account.

This, obviously annoyed me. They required two things from me, to prove that I am the owner of this account:

1. My identification information, preferably ID card or passport

2. Proof of Stocks- to prove that I have what I sell.

Well, this does not seem difficult to most of you, if only you are a company and receives invoices from other companies. I am using Paypal for buying stuffs only! How am I to provide a proof that I have something in stock?

I sent them an e-mail via their so called “contact us” but it was to no avail. I received zero replies from Paypal aside from their automatically sent confirmation e-mail telling me they received my inquiry.

This took me two days to figure it out. I sent them photo of my ID card, that’s easy. Then I sent them the following picture, in place of my “Invoices” or “Purchase Orders”:

Yes, I sent them this picture. Not lying.

And two days later, they sent me a message via e-mail telling me that the limitation has been lifted. I expected a real human sending me an e-mail asking “Sir, your proof is not something we expected.”, instead they lift my limitation even with this picture shown.

I couldn’t have expected more from Paypal.

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