My friends have been recommending this game to me. At first, the game didn’t look really fun to me, therefore I refused to even try it. A friend recently gifted it to me, I guess I have to take a look, is this game really good?

A little background before diving in. Risk of Rain is a 2D rogue-like platformer featuring randomized weapons and upgrades. You have to kill enemies, earn money, spend your money to open chests for loots, and kill more enemies. Death is permanent in each playthrough, so you can only watch your friends play if you’ve fallen. I haven’t played it either, I am not really fond of 2D platformer games. But I do have played the developer’s another title – DEADBOLT. DEADBOLT is another 2D platformer featuring stealth element where you need to sneak in and assassinate all targets. It was a really good game, I enjoyed it. So it can’t go wrong with this game, I believe.

The game is still in Early Access, i.e. under active development. This starting screen reminds you of this, to bear with the unfinished state of the game. The chibi golem is quite cute.

So I would start playing Singleplayer first. This game has no tutorial, not even teaching you what you should do or how you do things. You choose a character, get thrown into the world, and learn from your own mistakes.

The first character you will be using is the Commando. Dual-wielding pistols with basic offensive abilities. Later on you will be unlocking more characters through progression, but let’s face this cruel world with our commando.

Once you get out of your escape capsule, you are immediately greeted with otherworldly creatures. There is no way to upgrade your equipment, you will only get enhanced overall endurance and damage output as you level up. You will need to collect equipment if you want buffs. To collect them, you will need money to open chests.

Apart from opening chests, you may also use money to repair different drones and turrets, they will become your temporary allies until they are put down.

The ultimate objective of every level is to find a teleporter and get the hell out of that level. As you can imagine, before you can teleport out of the place, you will have a boss fight. Bosses drop good loots, too.

As far as I can tell, this game is decent, and will amaze you if you like roguelike games and FPS.

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