Isn’t it annoying when some services(often free) you frequently use suddenly goes down and you cannot access it anymore? Well it is to me. Today when I check on my blog I find it that most new images I posted are unavailable, due to some problem with the free host… Continue Reading Another annoying problem when using free online services

A few days ago I’ve reminisced how I tried to build my online presence. I’ve mentioned in the article that my uncle was the one inspired me to delve into the world of computer science. He proposed to me the first video game(computer game) I’ve ever played – Little Fighter… Continue Reading Reminiscing my gaming history

I maintain this blog because I liked blogging. Online presence is what I lacked in real life – having too few friends to begin with. I decide that I will write down and share my very own opinions in this little blog. But things didn’t start well, it was a… Continue Reading Blogging – my childhood dream and motivation

Every now and then you will see people asking questions like this: Hey, I’ve got an adware infection. How do I solve it? or Hey, how do I print Hello World in C? or Hey, what is Dihydrogen Monoxide? Questions like these can sometimes be annoying. Especially when people ask… Continue Reading I created a website – to “solve” problems