A few days ago I’ve reminisced how I tried to build my online presence. I’ve mentioned in the article that my uncle was the one inspired me to delve into the world of computer science. He proposed to me the first video game(computer game) I’ve ever played – Little Fighter… Continue Reading Reminiscing my gaming history

Every now and then you will see people asking questions like this: Hey, I’ve got an adware infection. How do I solve it? or Hey, how do I print Hello World in C? or Hey, what is Dihydrogen Monoxide? Questions like these can sometimes be annoying. Especially when people ask… Continue Reading I created a website – to “solve” problems

This is no new question. People have always been discussing on this matter. There is no solution to this question however, for this is purely subjective to every individual. However, we were taught(at the very least us hongkongers/Chinese) that personality is more important than beauty at a very young age.… Continue Reading Beauty or Personality?

Knowledge is uncountable. – Karsten (2018) Grammatically, knowledge is uncountable. Physiologically, it is also uncountable. Simply because there are way too much “knowledge” that exists, not to mention those that will eventually come to reality. There has been an interesting trend amongst juveniles in Hong Kong. They publicly post on… Continue Reading Let’s teach each other one thing or two – Exchanging Knowledge