Today TABS has been updated to 0.1.5, and with this update comes 3 unlockable secret units. To unlock them is simple. Explore the map in freecam mode(press F key), and find the respective unit’s weapon. When you spot them, their weapons will start to glow in orange colour, then explode… Continue Reading Latest TABS update brings 3 secret units to the game – they are quite fun

The Notre-Dame incident has surely broken many French people’s heart, and many has hoped that Ubisoft will let French Government to use their 3D model data to rebuild the famous landmark. It is still unknown whether Ubisoft will kindly share their proprietary 3D models, but they have already donated €500,000… Continue Reading Ubisoft gives Assassins Creed Unity away, allowing everyone experience the beauty of the Notre-Dame

World of Warplanes Asia server finally launched in April. Although the server is located in Japan, I still managed to play on it with no problem. This is how I felt about this game. Combat wasn’t really appealing. I understand that tier 1 aircrafts are weak, but it took me… Continue Reading First glance into World of Warplanes

A few days ago I’ve reminisced how I tried to build my online presence. I’ve mentioned in the article that my uncle was the one inspired me to delve into the world of computer science. He proposed to me the first video game(computer game) I’ve ever played – Little Fighter… Continue Reading Reminiscing my gaming history

I know, I know. I again hasn’t updated in months. But that was just because I was so occupied that I only had little time to update my blog. At April 1, Landfall has finally put their long-awaited title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator(TABS) on Early Access, available for purchase on… Continue Reading A Totally Accurate Introduction to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator