Free VPN are everywhere, and I have been using Windscribe here now and then. I stopped using it because I figured it would clash with AdGuard badly. But I am still subscribed to their e-mails because I am still their user. Usually I would see them sending stuffs like “We… Continue Reading Windscribe releases new version of addon, and new mocking features

Sandboxie was an all-time favourite when it comes to sandboxing program on Windows. It helps us separate suspicious and unknown executables from the actual OS environment, test it, and decide whether we should keep it. It also helps defend against malware. Years ago it offered trial only, but after being… Continue Reading Sandboxie to be Open Sourced

Try to recall the passwords of 5 websites you often visit, and ask yourself: Are they identical? Are they complicated? If your answer is: they are identical and simple, then kudos, you successfully put yourself in danger by offering extremely easy access to your accounts to others! You might think… Continue Reading Why you shuold use a password manager – and which?