In the past I have written about the concept of exchanging knowledge. Pen pal has been a major way for people meeting new friends from all around the globe for many decades. Today smartphones are common, and pen pals are evolving. They are shifting from pens and paper to texting.… Continue Reading How Modern Pen pals look like

Taking screenshots Screenshot is important when you need help, but people still don’t know how to take a proper screenshot. Novices still take pictures of their screen with mobile phones. It wouldn’t be a problem if they managed to picture the screen nicely. However, more often than not, the images… Continue Reading Guide to taking a screenshot

Life is unpredictable, you will never know when the Death decides to lay his hand on you. Ever thought of writing letters? This might be the best gift to those most fond of you – expressing your love, and your last messages to them. Technically, a dead man’s switch is… Continue Reading Create your own Dead Man’s Switch – before it’s too late

A blog may be the best place to talk about what you care the most, and as a way to show how passionate you are on something. But it may be too much for someone wanting nothing more than a personal page that introduces yourself, and providing different ways to… Continue Reading Make your simple personal homepage

Every now and then you will see people asking questions like this: Hey, I’ve got an adware infection. How do I solve it? or Hey, how do I print Hello World in C? or Hey, what is Dihydrogen Monoxide? Questions like these can sometimes be annoying. Especially when people ask… Continue Reading I created a website – to “solve” problems