Recently I’ve been interviewing for 2 jobs. Both are tutoring. One is teaching assistant and another one is part-time tutor.

I must admit that being a tutor(or teacher) is not easy as it seems. At first glance it might be an easy work but soon you will find telling kids(around the age of 10~15) to sit down and listen to whatever you have to say is difficult – really.

It is satisfying however. Getting to put the knowledge you have learnt from school into use and teaching the next generation, knowing that you might just be part of the history of those who might succeed in the future.

It’s boring sometimes, because rather than teaching knowledge, I usually assist students’ homework and correcting any mistakes that I come across, or helping them to revise dictation. Being a tutor is easier than being a teacher. But obviously being a teacher is much more satisfying.

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