I started working again, therefore I delayed updating. Today I finally got some time to update what’s happened to me recently. I hope I will soon be able to update again in June.

I’ve met a few friends via Slowly. One even stood out as a possible candidate for romance. It turned out she already had a boyfriend.

I started working as a warehouse assistant, the job now is easy and there’s not much work to do, but I expect more to come in June. I will try to squeeze some time for updating with game reviews and possibly some gameplay footage.

Regarding the adult game curating site, I will purchase a new domain and host the site on the same account as this site, so you may experience lags later on. But it all depends how many visitors there are. I hope the hosting package provides what I really need. And if it doesn’t I will look into moving to a better but more expensive host.

And again, thank you for your attention – if there be any visitors.

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