Ever since PUBG released, the battle royale genre has been flooded with countless similar copies under different names. 3D games however, do not allow potato setups enjoy the games. 2D games are then quickly developed to allow players with all levels of gear be able to enjoy battle royale as it should be. The first 2D BR game ever, I believe, is Surviv.io. Surviv.io was the first game that came to light with the 2D BR gameplay. But its optimization is really bad. I can’t manage to run it in my browser smoothly even though I got a somewhat beefy setup.

The next one is Zombsroyale. It has got a very similar interface to Surviv.io, but it has cosmetics, also more detailed graphics. It also has slightly better optimization, I can run it on my browser with little to no fps problem. The common problem of these two games is that movements and shooting are delayed, you won’t be shooting the spot you aim if you move your mouse fast. It is a huge problem to me, you need to place your cursor ahead of enemies and you may still miss. But at least the controls and graphics are nicer than Surviv.io. So it’s actually okay if you want a decent 2D battle royale.

That was what I thought before this game showed up. Today I checked this game out, and was amazed with the graphics and controls and movements and gameplay etc. It is definitely the perfect 2D BR at the moment. The name is Super Animal Royale.

The name says it all. The game features cute animals fighting each other in a cruel battle royale. Every animals in the forest tries to kill you and be the last one standing.

The title screen looks very familiar ain’t it?

The game is great, your shots have pin-point accuracy, you shoot at where you aim at, and they are not delayed. You can even jump / dash in order to dodge enemy fire like a ninja:

Yeah, by default you have a katana as melee weapon.

Other than exceptional performance and the not-so-unique dash animation, there is actually nothing special. It is your typical 2D shooter, but with animals. Games end fast as well, since the map is not so big.

Currently there is a free version along with paid version. You cannot use cosmetics in free version and is locked with the 4 default animals skins(skins do not affect ability). You will still earn skins through playing, but you can only use them when you purchase the full version. There is also no micro transaction at the moment. All skins can be earned by actively playing the game. There is a founder’s edition featuring exclusive skins and giving you a special name colour.

The game is not the best game around, but it is definitely the best 2D Battle Royale game out there for now. I would recommend if you like the BR genre and are looking to chill with some 2D games instead of 3D games.

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