Ads have been the source of income for many websites. Most, if not all, websites rely on ads to pay for the hosting/server fees, domain fees, and to make a living. While I honor what business model they adopted, I certainly do not like being forced to view ads.

I’ve always used adblockers for the sake of blocking annoying and malicious ads. Especially when viewing pornography, the ads that appear on porn sites tend to be unfiltered and the chance of containing malware is higher than usual. Even if the ads are curated, they can be annoying and websites may place them everywhere, obstructing the content you are interested in. Trackers are also one of the many reasons why I use adblockers, though it is late that I come to realize personal profile is dangerous to remaining anonymous online, I am now more careful when leaving footprints online, hoping to disallow monopolies like Google further logging what I do online.

I do disable adblockers for some of my favourite websites though – if and only if they do not force me disabling ads to access their content. For example, I appreciate what Major Geeks does, providing me with free software downloads, therefore I disabled adblocking on it, allowing them earn revenue with my visits. Some websites, not being generous enough, do not allow me to opt-in to view their ads. Prime examples being Forbes and discord emoji. I am exceedingly disgusted when I need to disable my adblocker to view their website. Adblockers serve as tracker blocker and malware blocker, and they force me to disable it? No way. I would rather find a new filter list to filter their “adblocker blocker”, and continue my ad-free experience.

My opinion is: Do NOT disable for the websites that force you to do so. They do not care about your feeling, what they care is their money. If only they used reminders instead of outright locking me off their content, I might consider disabling them. If the website shows you a reminder, and you like what they do, consider disabling adblocker, after all they need the money to survive.

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